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The work > FREE! 41+ eGift Cards by the artist Leon Roth deals with the implementation of game design mechanisms in a decidedly non-game context, with the abstraction of money and the way gift cards form and transport values. 

The first level of the work deals with the motivator reward system. Especially in games, crowdsourcing platforms and companies, the use of reward systems is one of the most effective motivators. They create a sense of competence, participation and autonomy. This method of game design in a non-game context is called gamification. This is an approach to designing platforms to motivate and subsequently reward desired behaviors of users in a game-like system. Paid crowdsourcing platforms, such as Amazon Mechanical Turk[1], employ this type of strategy for their monotonous microtasks, where humans train an AI for minimum wage. Many tasks involve labeling data as quickly as possible, especially image data that is fed into supervised machine learning models to help them better understand the world, such as transcribing audio files for Amazon Alexa. 

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growth [installation view]

moving treadmill style polyethylen + polypropylen plastic grass, self-driving, UpDrive Motor, SITI Gearbox, Bosch Indego 350 lawn mover, wood, vinyl wrap film; 205 x 205 x 60 cm;

Simon Denny Class group exhibition "Jahresausstellung"; HFBK Hamburg, 2020



[SOLD OUT] — cap; black, 100% cotton-twill, white logo embroidered; low profile, adjustable back tab; one size; 19€

Sold at HFBK Hamburg's 2020 annual exhibition


m87 [installation view]

W.C. 3# Exhibition w/ @ttimmba 

interactive video installation within an intimate social space at Wartenau 15, Hamburg;

34 x 54 x 35,5 cm, toilet, waterproof bag, amazon fire hd, powerbank 20000 mAh

10" android tablets attached to Massage Guns; adjustable dual screen mount system, aluminum airline rails, 3D printed polycarbonate parts, powerbank 20000 mAh; 80cm x 70cm x 60cm; 

Simon Denny Class group exhibition "Jahresausstellung"; HFBK Hamburg, 2021

turbo_kit [NFT]


2020 INDEXDJX: .DJI Index turbo charger


*Denny class at HFBK has worked on a digital platform that distils this dynamic into a platform for artistic communication. We combine a copy of the popular social chat network Discord with a virtual copy of a Mercedes-Benz OM502LA truck engine – providing a flexible space where we can install digital artworks. The exhibition is structured through the thematic chat channels of the Discord user interface, and represent interrelated topics that the artists address in their work. The Discord chat structure allows visitors to interact with the works e.g. via emoji reactions or direct responses.

The exhibition space is both the digital presentation of the Denny class for 2021’s HFBK Annual exhibition, and commissioned as a part of the project »Conditions of a Necessity« initiated by Kunsthalle Baden-Baden.
[Text: Rahel Grote Lambers]